What is the Itinerary for a Rhine River Cruise?


Embark on a Rhine River cruise to discover and explore one of Europe’s legendary and best-loved rivers, The Rhine. Flowing from the Swiss Alps in the Netherlands and passing through six countries boasting of ancient and awe-inspiring cities, culture, nightlife, architecture, romantic castles, and much more, the Rhine River offers travelers an opportunity to experience all Europe has to offer.

While there are tons of activities to do along the spectacular Rhine, it couldn’t be any easier to pick the right itinerary for you or your family. Whether it is an itinerary at Rapunzel’s Castle or one along with the Rhine’s main cities: Amsterdam, Basel, Main, Cologne, and Strasbourg, you can be sure to have a unique lifetime experience. Here are some of the best  Rhine cruise line itineraries you can choose from.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kickstart your day with a delicious breakfast as you prepare to set out for an adventure into Amsterdam or popularly known as the Venice of the North. Hop in a boat to travel along with one of the 165 Amsterdam’s lifeline canals that offer a sightseeing experience and views of the city’s magnificent attractions which include the renowned Rijksmuseum, ancient churches, cobblestone streets only to mention a few. You can choose an afternoon excursion in any of the following places: sightseeing in Zaanse Schans or countryside visits the classic fishing village of Volendam. Other optional activities with additional costs include: visiting the Meyer Werft gift shop and having a meal at the historic hotel Alte Werft.

Cologne, Germany

Take a Cologne walking tour to explore and discover the Roman heritage in this 2,000-year-old city or visit Cologne’s Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, galleries, and the Fragrance Museum. Additionally, you get to learn about the history and culture of chocolate in the chocolate museum while you enjoy tasting a variety of mouth-watering chocolate, and if not satisfied you are allowed to create your chocolate bar.

Rudesheim, Germany

There’s no better way of exploring Rudesheim than biking around the city as you taste a cup or two of the famous local coffee and hot chocolate. Additionally, travelers can visit the Niederwald monument, which is a renowned Germania monument featuring panoramic views of the Rhine River, wine country, and the city.

A Rhine River itinerary isn’t complete without sailing through the Rhine Gorge which holds 30 magnificent castles boasting fascinating history.

Black Forest, Germany

Enjoy your morning by visiting the black forest, which offers sightseeing experiences of the gorgeous highlands, grassy fields, and pastoral farms. You could also choose to have a learning experience of how to create a cuckoo pipe, which is iconic to the Black Forest. Additionally, you can go ziplining in the Black Forest or take a leisure hike to the breathtaking Triberg Waterfalls, which are the highest in Germany.


Other itineraries offered along the Rhine include visiting Basel in Switzerland, Strasbourg in France, and Mannheim in Germany. However, you might not exhaust all these itineraries featured in a Rhine River cruise, but one thing is for sure, you’ll have a memorable experience while you sail with the best and luxurious trips along the Rhine, which offers a variety of itineraries and excursions that range based on trip length, price, and destination.

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