TRUSCEND Monofilament Fishing Line, Superior Nylon Low Memory Fishing Line, Excellent Casting, Exceptional Strength and Abrasion Resistance Mono Line, Ties Strong Knots,Good Sensitivity Fishing Wire

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  • Low Memory for Reduced Coiling – TRUSCEND Monofilament Fishing Line Acts Like A Shock Absorber, it has high stretch and low memory. This means it has give and take to let you fight a fish without getting jerked around or tearing a bigger hole in the fishs mouth and when the pressure releases the line goes back to its original form with little to no trace that it ever stretched. Easier handling and casting!
  • Excellent Line Strength and Abrasion Rsistance – TRUSCEND Monofilament possesses a high abrasion-resistance and remarkable knot strength, making it an ideal choice for flipping or casting around rocks, brush, and thicket.Our line can shock strength comes into withstand the sudden impact of a hard hookset or a big fish thrashing violently at boatside. Grade performance in a monofilament package.
  • Knot Friendly – You can use a variety of strong, easy-to-tie knots without sacrificing the strength of the line. Allows the knot seat just right to avoid knot breakage or slippage.
  • Low- & High-Vis Options – Low- & High-Vis Options TRUSCEND Fishing Monofilament Line made of import material to bring a new level of fishability to all. Fishing line of raw materials refractive index similar to natural water bodies, so it is nearly invisible in water, Reduces the prey’s alertness. So it is also applicable in the clear waters. This is because it doesn’t appreciably distort light passing through the line, and it’s a huge factor in clear water and when targeting skittish fish.
  • High Multfunctionality – Our line delivers trustworthy performance that every level of angler can appreciate. It is worth mentioning the versatility of this nylon cord, which is available in different colors to suit different usage scenarios. In addition to using it for fishing, it also provides extra help when you need a line to tie something in various situations. Like hanging decorations, beading, DIY craft, hanging Christmas ornaments and various decorations around house.

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