Top Tips for a Stress and Anxious-Free Flight


Flying is among the crucial part of traveling and even most of the people that love traveling even hate flying. Whether you are going on your first flight or a seasoned traveler, a long plane ride can make anyone anxious.

Going on long flights are not only uncomfortable, but they are also stressful as you rush through the airport and getting from one destination to another.

Some of the best tips to enjoy a stress and anxious-free flight are listed below.

Try to get to the airport early

Stress encountered while flying usually starts long before you even board the plane. It is a bad start to your trip if are late before you get to the airport as you will get stressed up easily. It is best if you come early as this will give you enough time to go through the security or the terminals without rushing. It will also keep your stress levels at a minimum.

Avoid taking alcohol

Although some people take alcohol to reduce flight anxiety, this cannot help to feel better. While on a long flight, some of the activities that help are by enjoying movies and books and also walking around the plane. And instead of taking alcohol, you can stay hydrated by taking plenty of water.

Try out coloring

There is a lot of research that has shown the positive effects of coloring for adults. If you are feeling anxious, you can simply pack some coloring books and colored pencils to relieve anxiety and also to keep you busy. You can easily get engrossed in what you are doing that you will not realize when you reach your destination.

Put on comfortable clothes

A great way of staying comfortable while on a plane is by wearing comfortable clothes. By putting on a comfy cloth, you are going to feel cozy and relaxed all through your journey on the plane.

Practice Yoga

It is a widely known fact that Yoga is designed to relieve stress, it can also be used for reducing anxiety while flying. You can simply practice yoga stretches that you can try out in tight space and you can go meditating while on your flight. Even if you cannot move around, you can simply do your yoga routine in your head and just breathe, this will help to clear your mind off the flight and enjoy a nice time.

Think Positive

It is a common fact that the anticipation of flying that can lead to the buildup of stress, not even the flying itself. To combat stress and anxiety for flying, it is best if you can think positive and tell yourself it will be okay. You can also practice breathing for four counts where you hold your breath for four counts before you then breathe out for four counts. If you have a problem focusing, you can invest in meditation beads to count your breaths.


Meditation is just like breathing exercise and it will help you to reduce stress and to stay calm. You can go on a flight with your device that has the meditation songs that you will need. You can also simply download the meditation app on your phone and you can just listen to it on long flights.

Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones

Getting a noise-canceling headphone is another great way that you can stay calmer and more relaxed on a flight. This headphone will help to cancel out the noise and the busyness of the cabin and you can easily stay focused throughout your trip. You can also wear the earphone even before you go through the airport as it will give you a personal solitude from the hustle and bustle of the airport.


Have a Sleep Routine

It is a great idea which you will benefit tremendously from if you can simply sleep for some hours on a long flight. Although sleeping is easier for some than others, you can look for a sleep routine that works for you and then use it during your flight.

Pop a Xanax or Nyquil

A fast and easy fix is to pop a Xanax or Nyquil.  You will need to check with your doctor on the Xanax, but Nyquil is readily available at any airport.  When all else fails, nothing beats having a relaxed good sleep on the plane with the help of some meds.


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