The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned traveler, it is helpful if you have a rundown of the items that you will like to pack.

Some of the things that should be on your travel packing list are listed below.

Select your main luggage

Anywhere you are planning to go, it is best if you select a versatile and lightweight luggage that can contain all your essentials. The most crucial decision is how you will get a bag that has a warranty and also a versatile travel bag. It should be able to fit all your stuff and also easy to carry around. Some of the types of luggage that you can buy are rolling luggage, duffel bag, 4 wheels, travel backpack, wheeled backpack, and carry-on.

Omni expandable with spinner wheels are one of our favorite styles.

You can then decide on the type that suits your style.

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Bring a secondary, foldable luggage

If you are packing light, you might want to consider a secondary, foldable luggage to take home new clothes and souvenirs on your way back home.  This will enable you to roam around more freely during the first few legs of your trip.

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Arrange your stuff

If you are going to try a wide range of activities, this means you will need to pack varieties of gears in your suitcase and it can be hard to keep everything organized. One of the great ways that you can pack for any trip especially when you will pack a lot of layers is to have a packing organizer. This will help you to know exactly where everything is and your clothing will be arranged and compressed to fit your bag. Instead of unpacking when you get to your destination, you can simply slide your organizers directly into the hotel drawers as this will help to avoid having to rearrange your bag every time.

Some of the basic things that will be on your packing list are lightweight clothing, t-shirts or tank tops, pants, long-sleeved shirts, belt, socks, sleepwear, comfortable walking shoes, underwear, sunglasses and glasses case, rain jacket, long-sleeved shirts, dresses, hat, swimsuit or trunks, skirts, eye mask, travel pillow, earplugs, electric converters and adapters, and travel guides.

It is best to pack smart and having options does not mean that you will be overpacking. You can just include the clothes that you can wear on daily adventures and multi-purpose dress so you can easily use them on different occasions.

Use organizer cubes to help you fit and organize your belongings.

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Toiletry bag packing

If you are planning to carry on, it is best if you can keep your toiletry bag as light as possible. You can follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule which states that gels, liquids, creams, pastes, and aerosols must be 100ml or less per container and should be in a quart-sized and clear plastic. Some of the essentials that you can pack in toiletry bag are a toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, deodorant, shampoo and hair conditioner, sunscreen, makeup remover wipes, lip balm, nighttime moisturizer, personal hygiene items, glasses and prescription sunglasses, prescription medication with a label, etc.

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Health items

As soon as you plan to travel abroad, it is best if you can check with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website to learn more about the travel vaccines and travel advice information. Although it is your decision whether you get vaccinated or not but many vaccinations need to be administered 2 months before you travel. Some of the health items to pack are first aid kit, thermometer, pain and fever relievers, diarrhea, personal prescriptions, allergy medicines, sunburn relief, multivitamins, motion and altitude sickness pills, and so on.

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Pack your personal item in your carry-on bag

The next step is to pack your personal items that you will use on the flight in your carry-on bag. It is also best if you keep an outfit and some essential toiletries in your personal item in case your luggage gets lost. If you are going to be traveling to numerous destinations, ensure the bag has the items that will keep you cozy during your trip. You can either use a small backpack or daypack for your personal carry-on item. Some of the things to be in your carry-on bag are mobile device and charger, headphones, camera, laptop, iPad, electrical converters, books and magazines, water bottle, travel games, guide books, etc.

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Take along important travel documents, credit cards, and cash

It is best if you have a travel document organizer where you put your credit cards, documents, passport, ID, boarding pass, pen, and so on. By having them together, you will easily have access to every document that you need. Some of the documents to pack are a passport, frequent flyer card, personal ID, health insurance, travel insurance, reservations and itineraries, transportation ticket, emergency contacts, hotel or tour contact information, guide books and maps, and so on.

It is best if you double-check your passports and IDs to know when they will expire. You should also make sure you contact your bank that you are traveling abroad so that they will not assume of fraudulent activity and freeze your credit card. You should also have a backup copy of your documents online in case anything happens to the one you are holding.

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Consider travel security

Travelers should be on the lookout for pickpockets and one of the easiest ways to keep your belongings safe is by keeping them close and at your eyesight. You can keep your valuables under your clothing or by locking your bags, you should also avoid walking around in a dark alley at night. You can invest in this gadget to keep your valuables safe, they are money belt, leg wallet, neck wallet, luggage travel lock, undercover bra stash, reflective clothing and luggage accessories, incognito all-terrain money belt, headlamp or mini flashlight, and so on.

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International travel

If you are traveling internationally, don’t forget to bring compatible electronics or a universal power adapter.

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