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For travelers and the tourism industry alike, 2021 gave reasons enough to hope that things will revert to normal soon enough. Many premier internal destinations reopened their doors to tourists again; cruise ships started sailing the world’s oceans as before; there was a significant surge in air travel. In short, things were looking up.

And then came the bad news, around late November, in the form of the new coronavirus variant, Omicron. Borders opened to international tourists were slam shut again. Counties that still kept their doors open tightened entry requirements. As a result, safety will again be at the top of many travelers’ minds in 2022 as they seek destinations for their dream vacations to start the new year on the right note.

Travel but Travel Safe

Despite the recent setback, the good news for all eager travelers is that they do not need to keep their wanderlust in check-in 2022, and things are nowhere as bad as back in 2020. That said, you should make safety your foremost priority both while seeking out your new year’s travel destination and while you are taking the vacation.

As for finding a safe destination, you should consult the latest guidance provided by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Among other things, pay special attention to testing, vaccination, and quarantine requirements if you are visiting a foreign country. Wherever you have planned to visit, stay up-to-date with the local news and keep yourself informed of all health and safety protocols you need to observe as a tourist visiting the place.

Consider Traveling with a Vacation Club

This is as good a time as any to travel with a leading and reputed vacation club such as the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. This is a good idea since doing so will also ensure that the destination you’re visiting is safe enough for you and your family members.

The clubs will have complete and extensive knowledge of the destinations they offer and what you ought and ought not to do while traveling to any particular destination. This will take a massive load off your shoulders since you won’t have to worry about doing all the research yourself.

You can rest assured that your vacation club will take all the necessary precautions and arrange the tour so you can travel safely. Helping you have a free mind and can therefore make the most of your start-of-the-year vacation.

Let’s take Royal Holiday Vacation Club, for example. An industry leader in the field, the club acts as a dedicated travel advisor to all its members. During the planning phase, the club will ensure that you have all the necessary information that will help you make an informed choice and gain the peace of mind and confidence that are important to ward off any possible pre-travel jitters and anxiety.

Then, once you are ready to embark on your journey, Royal Holiday Vacation will keep you informed on all the latest health and safety protocols that are in place at the destination you are traveling to.

Get Rid of Your Vacation Jitters with Royal Holiday Vacation Club

It is common for many to suffer from vacation jitters as the day to set out on their trip comes nearer. There are many different reasons why people suffer from travel anxiety. However, the most common of them is what we may call ‘the fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar.’

This is especially true when we are visiting a foreign country. We tend to think about the cultural differences, local customs that could be alien to us, etc., and whether we will feel comfortable and be at ease while dealing with them.

Apart from that, we also tend to get concerned about any political strife, potential outbreaks of violence, changes in weather conditions, etc. And last but not least, there is always that fear of catching illnesses while visiting a new place. Illness fears have been cited as one primary reason people feel pre-vacation jitters. We hardly need to mention that under the conditions we’re living in, this fear is very much a real and tangible one and not simply the result of our mind focusing on possible negative scenarios.

However, when traveling as a Royal Holiday Vacation Club member, you can safely put all those fears to bed. As we’ve already mentioned, the club will keep you informed on all the latest developments pertinent to your planned tour. Royal Holiday makes the safety of its members its top priority.

When you visit a destination as a club member, you can rest assured that your vacation will be as peaceful and enjoyable as promised. For instance, if you’re taking your vacation at Cancun or Cozumel as a Royal Holiday member, your tour will never be affected, even if there is political tension in those parts of the country.

As mentioned already, the club has complete and extensive knowledge of all their destinations. As such, they know well enough how to keep their members out of trouble’s way even if something takes place at the location you are visiting and when you’re visiting it.

As for your concerns regarding illnesses in general and Covid in particular, the Royal Holiday SAFE GUEST PROGRAM, implemented at all Royal Holiday Vacation Resorts & Hotels, should suffice to put your mind at rest. The Program has been designed in partnership with Cristal International Standards and Ecolab. They are global leaders in ensuring that the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, food and water safety, and infection prevention measures are observed across all primary food, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

Visit their website if you want to learn about Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s Safe Guest Program.

To summarize, no Royal Holiday Vacation Jitters when you take your New Year trip as a member of this club!

Best Places to Visit in 2022

Assimilating data from Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection and 2021 Global Peace Index, the U.S. State Department lists the following countries as the safest to visit for US citizens in 2022: Canada, Chile, Spain, Jordan, Turkey, Mexico, Malaysia, Italy, Finland, UK, and most places and countries in the Caribbean.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has a significant presence in most of the above-listed countries and offers many different destinations to visit within these countries. For example, in Chile alone, there are as many as six different destinations that you can choose from.

And this is when we’re talking about international tourism. If you’d rather choose a destination within the US, you again have choices galore with Royal Holiday. So, just choose your pick and let Royal Holiday Vacation Club do the rest for you!

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