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Product Description: Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler, Therapy Inhaler for Asthma and Allergies: As seen on The Dr. Oz Show and named one of the best new products in Alternative Medicine. This salt inhaler is miraculous for those who suffer with respiratory ailments. The salt inhaler is ceramic glazed inside And out. Comes with a storage bag and two bags of Himalayan Pink Salt 84. You simply inhale salt air through the mouth piece and exhale through nose for 10 to 15 minutes daily. This air will reduce swelling in the nasal passages. If you suffer with asthma allergies or high blood pressure this inhaler can help with all of these conditions. Lavender Neti Inhaler: LAVENDER NETI INHALER Sinus And Lung Relief. HIMALAYAN SALT AIR! Respiratory Wellness. Clearing, Healing Ions Aromatherapy. Handy Portable: Natural Solution Himalayan pink salt nasal inhaler is an easy-to-use inhaler which could help to relieve symptom of nasal congestion. Infused with natural essential oil, it could help to clear and cool down respiratory tract when inhaling. Provides relief when you breathe pure HIMALAYAN SALT AIR And Essential Oils! ~ 100% natural ~ NETI INHALER relief of nasal congestion due to Colds, Asthma, Cough. ~ Breathe SALT AIR anywhere! ~ Clearing, Healing Ions And Minerals. ~ Energizing scent, Aromatherapy! ~ Pocket or Purse Stick, Handy Portable Natural. ~ Contains Himalayan Pink Salt, Essential Oils of Peppermint, and Eucalyptus, Available in 3 scents Relaxing Lavender, Refreshing Blood Orange and cooling Mint. ~ Inhale deeply for fast relief. 100% Pure and Natural product. ~ Hand packed FRESH in the USA! ~ You will feel the effects of the inhaler immediately when you breathe in. This is a 100% natural holistic remedy in a handy inhaler form. It contains the Himalayan Pink Salt and an inhaler wick soaked in the healing essential oils that open your lungs. It lasts a VERY LONG time, just re-cap tightly after each use and it will preserve the essential oils and keep the salt fresh. We recommend breathing this for about 5 minutes per session, and you can do this multiple time throughout the day, as needed. Blessings, and I hope this helps you!Beautiful Gift Set include Himalayan Pink Salt Lavender Nasal Inhaler and Himalayan Pink Salt Therapy Inhaler.
Neti Inhaler is an easy to use inhaler which could help to relieve symptom of nasal congestion, Healing Aromatherapy And Ions. Energizing scent! Pocket/ Purse Stick, Natural Handy Portable.
Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler helps those who suffer from asthma and other Respiratory Ailments.
Provides relief when you breathe pure HIMALAYAN SALT AIR And Essential Oils! 100% Natural.
Himalayan Salt Inhaler is Very Useful for Asthma and Many Other Health Benefits.

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