Most Dog Friendly Countries in the World


In the United States, we take our pets on vacation, treat them to stays at pet resorts and spend lots of money to pamper our little loves.  And we’re not alone.

But, if you’re a dog owner in America, then you know that going somewhere with your canine is no small feat. In fact, restaurants in cities from coast to coast prohibit bringing pups on the premises.

But not every country makes being a dog owner so difficult—in fact, in other places around the world, being a dog owner is actually encouraged.

There are many other countries that treat their animals like the important members of the family that they are.

Some have strict rules about making sure pet owners are educated before they bring a four-legged friend home. Some allow pets on public transportation. And in many countries, it’s common to bring your pet along with you when you go out for dinner.

Take a tour of some of our favorite animal-friendly nations in the gallery below.


All around the world, France is known for its relaxed dog policies.  France is a nation of dog lovers, and if you visit, you have a good chance of spotting a canine just about anywhere you look. Many shops have a resident dog snoozing by the counter, and dogs are also welcome in those picturesque cafés, bars, shops and even some markets.