Lewis N. Clark Drawstring Bag Nylon Shoe Covers for Travel, Women & Men, 2 pair, Charcoal/Black


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Do you ever wish you could bring more than one pair of shoes on your trip without getting all your clothes dirty? With these shoe bags, you can take as many as you want!

Constructed of flexible nylon material, each shoe cover accommodates two smaller shoes, such as sandals or flats, or one larger size shoe, such as an athletic shoe or high heel. You receive four bags total with each order.

The easily adjustable drawstring ensures that your shoes stay inside the bag even if they get knocked around in your suitcase. The ability to mold to the shape of your shoe makes them super packable and easy to carry on.

Each cover is large enough to fit two ladies’ size shoes or one men’s size shoe. One pair black, one pair purple

These are especially helpful if you’re traveling to a place that has variable weather, so you can choose each day as needed. Additionally, they’re great if you plan to do both indoor and outdoor activities, so you don’t have to hike in flip flops or attend a business meeting in tennis shoes.

In addition to keeping dirt away from the other contents of your luggage, you’ll be able to protect your shoes from scratches and scuffs. These can even be used for school sports events such as football or tap dancing, or for storing shoes during the off-season. After your trip or event, you can simply throw these in the washing machine so they’re ready for your next outing.

Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or to a sports event, or putting away your shoes for the season, these shoe bags keep your shoes protected from dust and scratches, and likewise, keep the clean clothes in your luggage from getting dirty. Now you can bring more than one pair of shoes with you!

PROTECTS: Shoes stay scratch and scuff free, while keeping dirt or grime away from other luggage contents
DRAWSTRING CLOSURE: Made from soft, stretchy nylon, and includes drawstring closure for an adjustable fit
SIZING – Each cover is large enough to fit two smaller shoes or one large shoe
UNISEX FIT: Each cover fits one men’s shoe or two women’s flats, pumps or smaller athletic shoes – great for sandals, dress shoes, kid shoes, flip flops, dance shoes, golf shoes, cleats, and more
INCLUDES: One pair black and one pair gray shoe covers. Measures 7x14in

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