How to Travel the World and Experience Life Changing Destinations (The American Abroad Series)


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One of the most unifying bonds among us is the desire to travel the world and see distant lands we might otherwise only see on television or in the pages of a magazine. Austin Patton grew up with that dream. A businessman whose exploits have taken him around the world, it was inevitable he sat down to write How to Travel the World and Experience Life Changing Destinations. Austin takes the reader on an in-depth journey that will motivate travelers and help them avoid the many pitfalls of travel. How to Travel the World is more than a guide. There are plenty of those. It is an immersion to the world around us. His experiences in over 50 countries – an impressive feat by any standard, especially for a man recently turned 30 – will impower and inspire travelers of all experience levels. How to Travel the World is written for those who love to travel and want to do it more often. The goal is to help those who might want to make the experiences from travels around the world their life’s greatest accomplishment. There are ways to make money as you travel, study abroad, and give back to the world you live on today. There is no need to wait. Full of tips and tricks, Austin has delivered a comprehensive guide to all the important travel points of interest to get you on your journey. This is a must read for anyone ready to leave the shackles of normality behind and step out their door. There are 50 different content categories found within the 10 chapters of this book. In addition to this content, you will come across inspirational ideas and photography for your next adventure. Featured Content:-Budgeting and Funding Travel Around the World-Finding Work and Study Abroad Opportunities -Managing Transportation Options and Finding Cheap Airfare-Tips and Tricks for Travelling in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America -Managing Money and Communication Options While Abroad-Tips and Tricks for Travel Photography-How to Promote Your Experiences-Travel Safety Tips-Many Inspirational Photos and StoriesCheck out the authors website and blog at:

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 7.32

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