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Traveling helps to escape from our daily routines and creates lifetime memories but it comes at a cost. Traveling around the world can put a dent in your pocket and one of the common questions that travelers ask themselves is how to save money while traveling.

The cost of traveling has reduced immensely due to the increased competition between airlines and accommodation options.

Some of the best ways to save money while traveling are listed below.

Take advantage of the free days

This is a simple tip that should always be on your mind if you want to save money while traveling. In any destination you go, some of the attractions usually offer free days or days when the entrance fees are discounted and you can take advantage of that day. You can simply check the website of the attractions you want to go to know if they offer this.

Interact with the locals

By interacting with the locals, you will get insider tips on your travel destination. They will give you advice on where to eat, the best place to go, where you can get a discount, and lots more.

Be flexible with your travel plans

It is best to have a flexible travel plan if you are seeking for a cheap flight. This is because the flight prices fluctuate and with a flexible travel plan, you can easily travel when the price is at the lowest.

Join a Frequent Flyer Program

One of the best ways to save money on a flight for a frequent flyer is to join the frequent flyer program. With the program, you will accumulate points while flying which can then be used for flight upgrades, cheaper fares, and free companion tickets.

Make a call to the hotel directly

It is best if you make a last-minute call directly to the hostel or hotel and enquire about cheap rooms. Since accommodation options do not like having empty rooms, they will be forced to give discounts. Most hotels leisure travelers make Friday to Saturday night bookings while business travelers make Monday to Friday bookings and there can be a space on Sunday nights that you can explore if you want discounts.

Rent an apartment

If you are traveling with family, it is best to invest in an apartment to save cost or you are looking for extra living space with a kitchen where you can save more on food. You can easily get low-cost vacation rentals and sublets from locals by using Airbnb.

Make use of Hotel Reward Programs

Many hotels offer hotel reward programs where tourists can enjoy free nights or room upgrades. For instance, has a welcome reward program where you will get a free night for every 10 bookings you made through them.

Use Coupons

You should always be on the lookout for travel discounts and coupons for any destinations you are visiting. You can search for coupons from the tourist booklets and brochures, websites, back of the supermarket receipts and so on.

Use Credit Card Reward Points

Credit cards usually offer its user some program and benefits and you should always be on the lookout for this. You may use your credit card reward points for frequent flyer points and accommodation costs.

Go for Time Share Presentations

Although these aggressive sale pitches of 90 minutes or more can be boring you can easily score free accommodation for your troubles.

Travel like the locals

By hanging out with the locals, you will gain great knowledge and insight about a destination and also reduce the cost of traveling. To save cost try to get around in public transportation options and eat at the local hotspots.

Book a hotel with breakfast included

You should look for a hotel or hostel that have breakfast included as you can easily save the money to eat during lunch.

Try out the street food

One of the major reasons to eat street food is mainly because they are cheap and they are also safe. It is a great experience not to miss as the food will be cook in front of you. You can be on the lookout for places where the locals eat and what is the popular dish to try out.

Buy drinks from the store to drink at your accommodation

Drinking and eating can put a dent in your travel budget and it is best if you simply buy your drink from a store and drink at home. You should also be on the lookout for a local hangout where you can score cheap drinks.


Bargaining is popular in many tourist destinations and you should also bring on your haggling skills while traveling around the country to save money.

Internet Access

One of the first things to look for while booking accommodation is the free internet. Some cities and towns use free Wi-Fi at cafes, hot spots, and libraries. You should also know that some internet café access can be slow and if you are paying by the minute it can be quite expensive. To save costs, you can simply draft out your work email responses before you head to the café.

Plan to go to destinations where your currency is stronger

If you want to save money while traveling, it is best if you head to destinations where your currency is stronger as it helps to get more for every buck.

Find free activities at your destination

Every travel destination is filled with numerous activities that you can try out such as enjoying a street fair or cultural event, go on a free walking or biking tour, enjoy free movie screenings in local cafes and hostels, play in the park, hike a mountain, wandering around the market, swimming at the beach or lake, wandering around the street, and lots more.

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