How to Get an Airline Upgrade


Flying first-class offers a mind-blowing experience and it makes air travel seamless and stress-free. You will surely love flying first class as you will enjoy luxury amenities while traveling from one location to another.

Although flying first class is great but it does not seem to worth it if you are flying a short flight.

There are some ways to get an airline upgrade even without having to pay for first class.

Dress neatly

Although dressing well will not guarantee that you will get an upgrade but it sure increases your chance than if you are wearing a tank top, cargo shorts, and flip flops. If you dress shabbily, many people will not even want to sit next to you not to talk of an upgrade. You do not need to wear a suit all you need is wear something professional.

Request for an upgrade

Sometimes all you had to do if you want something is to just ask. If you are looking to be upgraded, you can simply ask the agent when you check-in if you can be considered for an upgrade. It is best if you are friendly and polite to the agents so that you can stand out from other travelers seeking an upgrade.

Try to come early

It is best if you come early because if you show up late and request an upgrade from an agent that is trying to make everyone checked in may not work out. It is best if you can give agents a lot of time before the flight to process your request and also when no one else is competing for their attention.

Try to be reasonable

If you are being overly demanding or demeaning to the agents, agents will surely have to pick someone else for an upgrade if the opportunity arises. It is best if you do not waste everyone’s time and energy if you know you are a poor candidate. If you are traveling with family, it is best if you can just book a ticket for an extremely low fare instead of just wasting your energy demand for an upgrade.

Your chances will be slim if your flight is relatively empty

Airlines do not usually upgrade people if there is no reason. Your chances will be lower if the flight is empty and you will stand a better chance when the flight is full. The airlines do plan carefully on the way to oversell flights and their inventory departments will be more than happy to upgrade people to accommodate everybody on the flight. On a full flight, airlines will be forced to upgrade people and if you have a good story, you may be lucky. You should also keep in mind that the odds are best if you are traveling solo as you can be reseated upfront to accommodate families that are sitting together in the economy. It is best if you travel during the peak season as this is the period when airlines are fully booked and airlines will likely want to upgrade people to make room on flights.

Travel solo

There is a greater chance that only one or two seats will be available in first class and it is best to go solo. If you travel with co-workers or family, your odds of getting singled out are usually slim but if you fly solo, you will get enough chance of an upgrade.

Sit in the middle seat or close to a baby

You will easily be noticed when a flight attendant is moving passengers as he or she may look to make the trip more comfortable for someone by upgrading them from a less desirable seat.

Be ready to give up your seat if the flight is oversold

While looking for a flight, you can simply tell the agent that if they need somebody to upgrade and they need your seat, you will glad to volunteer for that. If they need your seat for another passenger, you can simply ask whether you can be upgraded on the next flight.

Don’t hesitate to ask for an upgrade if you have been inconvenienced by the airline

Airlines do not generally upgrade people for no reason and if you feel like the airline caused you a problem, it will be a reason enough for an upgrade.

On international flights, ask about availability at check-in

On international flights, the check-in agents sometimes have more control over the seating charts. This means if seats appear available, the check-in agent at the gate can make a last-minute miracle for you when all the passengers are checked in and the remaining availability is clear. Just ensure you are close to the gate desk but it is best not to hover over the agents.

Join the airline’s loyalty club

Even if you do not travel often, it is a good idea if you are a member of an airline frequent-flyer club. You will easily get upgrade opportunities if agents are looking to upgrade someone, they can choose from their list of members.

Inform flight attendants if you are celebrating a special occasion

It is best if you let your flight attendants know if you are celebrating special occasions like anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon. Even if you are not able to get an upgrade, you might score some free drinks.

Lookout for business class sales

Most leisure travelers usually ignore advertised business-class fare sales and you will be surprised to find business class sale fares that cost more than a fly coach. With business class, you will easily get the chance to be upgraded.

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