From Powder Runs to Après-Ski: Crafting Memorable Winter Escapes


Winter may seem bleak and dreary to some, but for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. When the snow starts falling and the mountains get buried under blankets of powder, it’s time to plan your next winter escape.

Whether you prefer swooshing down the slopes or cozying up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa, there are so many ways to create lifelong memories on your winter vacations.

Pick the Right Destination

The first step in planning any winter vacation is choosing where you want to go. For skiers and snowboarders, this often comes down to finding resorts with the best snow conditions and terrain. Do your research ahead of time to see which mountains have had the most powder that season. Tracking snowfall and reading trail reports can help you pinpoint resorts that will have the best runs.

Book Lodging and Lift Tickets

Once you’ve settled on a destination, the next priority is booking lodging and lift tickets. Reserve your hotel, condo, or ski cabin as far in advance as possible, especially if you’re traveling over holidays or peak ski season. For lift tickets, look for discounted multi-day packages and bundles that include perks like ski or snowboard rentals. Many resorts offer online lift ticket sales so you can purchase directly on their website and sometimes save a few dollars.

If you need ski or snowboard rentals, make reservations at the same time you book your lift tickets. Most resorts have rental shops right on the mountain, making it easy to pick up your gear once you arrive. The ski & snowboard experts at Canyon Sports say that advance reservations ensure you won’t get stuck without a snowboard or other equipment you need.

Pack Accordingly

The key to an enjoyable winter getaway is packing the right clothes and gear for the conditions. You’ll want to bring plenty of moisture-wicking base layers, fleece tops, wool socks and other insulating layers. Don’t forget essentials like goggles, gloves, winter hats and scarves either. The last thing you want is to be shivering on the ski lift because you didn’t pack warm enough layers.

It’s also smart to include some après-ski apparel like jeans, sweaters and casual shoes you can wear to dinner or while wandering around town. That way you can easily transition from shredding powder to grabbing a bite in the village without hassling with outfit changes.

Plan Your Snow Days

Once you arrive at your destination, put together a basic plan for hitting the slopes. Figure out which runs you want to prioritize each day as well as where you might want to break for lunch. This helps ensure you maximize your time on the mountain rather than aimlessly bouncing around different parts of the resort.

Après-Ski Relaxation

An integral part of any winter vacation is finding fun ways to unwind after a long day on the slopes. Every resort has its own unique après-ski scene, from swanky mountaintop restaurants to local dive bars hosting live music. Do some research beforehand to scout out the best spots for grabbing a drink, taking in views and mingling after your final chairlift ride.

Make Time for Other Activities

While skiing or snowboarding might be the main event, try setting aside time to experience other winter activities too. Many mountain towns offer everything from snowmobiling and ice skating to more unique diversions like dog sledding, sleigh rides and snow yoga.


With the right mindset and proper planning, you’re sure to craft a winter vacation chock full of unforgettable moments. From blissful powder turns to cozy fireplace evenings, embrace all the magic the season has to offer.

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