Elmara Car Seat Cushion for Car Seat Driver & Lumbar Support Pillow for Car 2-Piece Combo – Car Pillow for Driving Seat – Lumbar Pillow for Car Back Pillow – Back Support Pillow for Pickup Trucks

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  • LESS PAIN, INSTANT COMFORT: These cushions’ contours are specially-placed to support your spine and relieve upper, mid, and lower back pain. You will not want to drive your car without them!
  • BOTH SUPPORT & COMFORT: Most car seats are too hard and too low and cause back pain with extended sitting. This seat cushion for back pain is firm enough to support proper posture and long term back health, while soft enough to be ultra comfortable.
  • STAY FITTER & STRONGER: Sit better, feel better! Daily back pain and soreness stop you from working out and chronically affect your mood. Enter these premium 100% memory foam car seat cushions for driving: problem solved!
  • THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED AND TESTED: Look no further for the perfect car seat cushion! This cushion set is the result of thorough research into drivers’ needs. We designed this cushion set for the human body, and then made sure to test the cushions in many different cars and with many different people.
  • 2-PIECE COMBO SYNERGISTIC EFFECT: This affordable set consists of both a lumbar pillow and a seat cushion for car seat drivers and passengers alike. The 2 cushions complement each other, and together they provide more support and comfort than a seat cushion or a back cushion alone ever could.
  • STAYS FIXED TO THE SEAT: The cushions’ curves hold you stable in the seat of a moving car even while it is turning. Both cushions have straps and rubber-studded bottoms to keep the cushions attached to the seat.
  • EASY RETURNS: Our cushions have changed lives, but if they don’t change yours please return them and we’ll refund you in full. Best to try them for at least a week since it might take a while for your body to get used to them.

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