COVID’s Impact on Travel Clubs


Even before COVID-19 impacted traveling worldwide, travel clubs were in the middle of a change. Many new travelers are looking for a more connected experience than ever before, and they are also very mindful of how they are spending their money.

Many leading companies have changed things up to keep up with the times. Travel clubs like inCruises are becoming more creative in presenting opportunities for the clients, and they are attempting to make everything a little less cookie-cutter than before.

A Connected Experience

One of the biggest complaints about travel clubs in the past came down to having a very generic feel for many people. Those who signed up for a travel club wanted something pretty standard without too many variations, and that is exactly what they received. Unfortunately, that is not going to work with the new generation of travelers, as they will feel like they can come up with something just as creative as that without the need for a travel club.

This means travel clubs must be more willing to work with their customers and provide a customized experience. Those willing to put in the extra work to actually know the people they are helping and listen to their interests can go a long way. This is not an automated experience, but it is more of a way for top travel club companies to differentiate themselves from the pack. Talking to experts can make a huge difference.

Money Conscious Traveling

The internet has made it more competitive than ever to find affordable rates anywhere in the world. Since apps can handle so much of that, it makes some wonder if a travel club is even necessary. An old travel club option might be severely outdated, but a modern option is finding ways to still provide value.

The vetting process for any company means that only the best locations earn the opportunity to work with top travel clubs. As soon as a destination gets a bad reputation, there are plenty of others that the travel club can work with.

Branding Done Right

A lot of travel clubs are doing their best to keep their subscription services in the spotlight. That could mean offering deals, announcing new specials, and even making their brand stand out from the crowd. For example, the inCruises logo continues to pop up all over the place as people research travel.

When people see that a company or experience works with inCruises or any top travel club, it gains instant credibility. This helps the travel club, the smaller local companies, and ultimately, the consumer.

How will travel clubs look in the future?

Travel clubs are forced to evolve like any other industry in the world. With COVID-19, some changes are more urgent, but travelers are expected to return in full force in 2021 and beyond. With slightly different customers to appease, travel clubs are making changes to stay outstanding.

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