Baseus USB-C Charger Power Strip – PowerCombo Pro 20W All-in-One USB C Charging Station with 3 Outlets & 3 USB Ports – USB Power Strip for iPhone/iPad/AirPods Pro Fast Charging(Black)

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  • Cellphone Fast Charging: The Baseus 20W AC USB-C charger with multi-output ports can get you iP 14 from 0%-52% in 30 minutes and can be a fast charger for your other smart devices such as tablets or earphones when traveling.
  • Full-Range Compatibility: The Baseus USB-C charger also a charging station for everyday appliances, including monitors, lamps, mini-fridges, electric kettles & more. 1 Baseus PowerCombo Pro 20W power strip takes care of all your charging needs.
  • Surge & Lighting Protection: It only takes a tiny amount of voltage increase to ruin your sensitive digital devices. Baseus USB-C charger block with upgraded surge protection safety measures effectively eliminates sudden power surges or “spikes”.
  • Smart Power Switch: Compared to the old fashion mechanical power switches, the Baseus PowerCombo Pro power strips 20W USB-C charger with smart power switch has a longer life expectancy, safer handling, and faster responses.
  • GaN5 Technology: Baseus 5th gen GaN technology enables us to build the Baseus PowerCombo Pro 20W power strips ever smaller, faster and more efficiently. The Baseus PowerCombo Pro 20W power strip is the ultimate charging solution for your smart devices and power supply for your home appliances.

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