5 Reasons to Visit an Art Exhibit


Most people understand that art is an expression of something like an emotion, a sentiment, or some other concept. The purpose of an art exhibit is to give a focused means of presenting several such expressions that all have something in common, such as a subject matter, sentiment, or even highlighting the pieces created by a single artist or art group.

While these are all facts, some people may wonder why it is in their interest to visit an art exhibit. There are many reasons to visit an art exhibit, though, the following are just a few of the many.


One of the most basic reasons for a person to visit an art exhibit is pretty simple to understand: the person has never been to one before. It turns out that being exposed to brand-new stimuli like paintings, sculptures and other forms of artwork on display can have a beneficial influence on a person’s brain. In short, new things instill a receptiveness to learning within the human brain.


Sometimes a person has trouble conveying some concept or notion that has been rattling around in their brain for a while. They may even have difficulty understanding what that concept is, which can further hamper the person’s ability to express it. The stimulus of seeing a bunch of art created by one person or that is themed around a single concept, like femininity or war, can be just the sort of trigger that a person needs to arrange their thoughts into a shape that they can grasp and express. It could even be argued that artistic exposure creates a domino effect that encourages the initial steps of another wave of artists, such as what happened with Andy Warhol and his pop art movement of the 1970s.


While it has already been mentioned that the novelty of visiting an exhibit can encourage a yearning for learning, art exhibits can also provide a more concrete form of study. While there is an obvious education to be gained from exhibits that showcase historical works, even relatively modern pieces can teach visitors things that they may have never known about the world. An exhibit may be just the thing needed for a grade schooler who struggles with comprehending how certain colors blend to make other colors.


While there is a joke to be had about teaching the artistic concept of perspective at an art exhibit, this particular reason is exposing a person to a way of looking at the world that they may have never considered or experienced before. One of the most basic notions of this greater perspective in the world would come from seeing art created by an artist hailing from a different country, especially a country that is several borders removed from the visitor’s own country; an artist whose formative years were spent in Brazil is going to have a very different list of life experiences than a Floridian who was born after September 11th.


Whether a person decides to visit one of several Jackson Hole art galleries or even a one-person presentation, going to an art exhibit provides that person with a chance to network with other people. Networking with others starts from a foundation of common interests and an art exhibit serves as a perfect starting point to meet with other people; both parties already have some degree of interest in the art or artist being shown off and this can make for a fine conversation starter. If things go well with a certain individual or group during an exhibit, it can lead to the exchange of contact information to further those relationships.


Some people go to exhibits just to see something new. Some people go to network with potential new employers, investors, or personal relationships. Exhibits can teach people about history, illustrate the importance of interpreting things from another’s perspective or even serve as the final nudge someone needs to start creating art of their own.

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