20 Tips Before Traveling Internationally


If you love traveling and you are planning to travel abroad or you need to explore a new culture.

Some of the best tips that you need to know before your trip are listed below.

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Security & Health

Ensure that you check-in with your insurance carrier and doctor

You should also ensure to take proper vaccinations and also renew all your necessary prescriptions. You should also check if your medical insurance provider policies applied overseas in case of emergencies. If not, you will then add extra coverage and you can opt for supplemental insurance.

Make copies of your passport before you travel

This will come in handy in case you lose your passport as you can easily show proof of your citizenship. You can also keep a copy at home or with someone that you trust. You can also backup your document in your email account.

Make sure you register with your embassy

This will make it easier for your government to be in contact with you and ensure your safety if there is a problem in the country.


Try to research the monetary conversion of a particular destination before you go on the trip

You should also ensure that you calculate how much it will be in your local currency to get a sense of the conversion rate.

Ensure that you have a credit card that will work in the destination you are going to

Most of the European banks are now using the more secure chip-and-pin technology while you will see fewer businesses that are still accepting the outdated magnetic-strip cards.

Try to make use of the ATM or the bank of the country that you are visiting

This is because most of the conversion centers in the airport or around the city usually charge a high fee. You are not going to be charged that much at the bank or the ATM and you will get the exact conversion.

Always keep some local cash with you because it is not every place that will take credit cards like buses and trains.

Try to call your credit card provider or bank before you travel

Banks may sometimes think that there is a fraudulent transaction going on in your account if you are abroad. They will then turn off your card as a security measure and this may get you stranded.

Try to research your country’s entrance or exit fees

Some countries ask travelers to pay before they can enter or leave the country. The fees are not usually included in your airline ticket and it can be in the range of $25 to $200.

Local Research

You should try to buy a ticket for attractions and hotels in advance so that you can skip the lines and get the best deals.

Invest in Guidebooks

Travel guidebooks usually include maps and enough detail that you will need on certain sites and you will not need to buy pamphlets at the venue. You can also download an app that can guide you through your destination and run it before you leave.

Try to research the events that you can experience while you are in the destination

You will surely find thrilling and fun things that you can experience such as natural events, festivals, and ceremonies to explore. You can also try out some of the national dishes in the location.


Countries usually have varieties of size plugs and voltage and it is best to pack a charger adapter along

If you are planning to bring some electronic gadgets along, you will need to charge them. You can invest in a power strip so that you can charge multiple devices with an adapter.

Check for the voltage of your gadget and search for the voltage in the country you are going to be sure they are compatible with

This will help to pack the gadgets that you will be able to use and also save you some money and stress.

You should also activate the global capabilities of your phone

Although there is a charge for doing this, it is lesser than the roaming charges.

Search for the best travel applications that you can download

You can use the application to search for the best deals in different countries and also get local deals such as transportation options.


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Travel Adapter, Universal Plug Adapter for Worldwide Travel

Luggage & Packing

Try to pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag as this will help in case your airline lost your luggage and there is nothing else that you can wear

Ensure you search for the airline rules and guidelines on how many bags to pack

You should look for the required weight of a bag so that you do not pay extra fees.  You can always pack lightly and take a folding duffle bag to fill up on your trip back home.

Folding Duffle

Pack some snacks along while you are traveling

This is because it can be tasking to find a place to eat in a foreign country and you can just eat the snacks before you can get the perfect restaurant that you want.

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