20 Amazing Places You Can Visit this Year Without Leaving Your Home


The recent outbreak of coronavirus around the world has forced many countries to take drastic steps to contain the pandemic. Some of the measures include; closing of borders, promote social distancing and forcing the population to stay at home for their safety. This increasing tension has halted many travelers’ plans for 2020. We are left with no option but to stay at home until further notice.

If you’ve made your bucket list of places you wanted to visit in 2020, this is a great time to do so without leaving your home. Yes, that’s possible. Without even spending a penny, you can now visit some of the best places in the world. There are a plethora of destinations across the world, allowing people to travel to those places virtually. Get together with your family, grab popcorn and visit these top 20 places virtually!

The Louvre

The Louvre museum is one of the most popular destinations in the city of Paris that welcomes over 8 million tourists a year; thanks to the rich collection of paintings and sculptures that it has.

The museum features an amazing collection of renowned artists from across the globe including Vermeer and Leonardo.

With an area of ​​more than 60,500 square meters, the museum houses more than 35 thousand pieces. While it’s not possible to visit this incredible site at the moment, you can still enjoy its views through virtual tours through their website. Some of the selected works can be seen here.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

There is a reason why Monterey Bay is considered the most important aquarium in the country and attracts around two million visitors a year.

The nearly 200 exhibits and galleries feature 600+ different species of plants and creatures; from adorable sea otters to jellyfish and sharks that glide through the water. Enjoy the virtual tour of the aquarium here. You can check out the cute sea otters through the cam here.

Berlin Philharmonic

Among the many nightly shows in Berlin, a great option is to enjoy The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which offers excellent shows for classical music lovers.

It is one of the most important symphony orchestras in the world and with a long history of more than 100 years. You can check out all the virtual concerts of Berlin Philharmonic here.

The San Diego Zoo

The world-famous San Diego Zoo features an impressive array of nature’s largest, smallest, most exotic and endangered creatures. The zoo houses than 3500 animals representing over 800 species in a beautifully landscaped 100-acre area, typically in lush enclosures that replicate its natural habitat.

The San Diego Zoo is considered one of the best-known zoos in the world and is a must-see attraction in sunny southern California. Check out the live cams of the zoo to see the adorable animals that will surely make your day.

The Metropolitan Opera

Photo credits: The Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera was founded in 1883, and its opera house was initially built at the corner of Broadway and 39th street by a group of wealthy businessmen who wanted their own operatic theater. Today, Opera welcomes millions of opera fans from all around the world. You’ll see Verdi, Bizet and Rossini performances next month that will be available to watch each night at 7.30 pm ET. You can check out the MET virtual schedule here.

Vienna State Opera

Photo credits: Wiener Staatsoper

Vienna State Opera is another one of the most famous opera houses in the world that doesn’t only stream operas but also ballets. This unique house is an architectural marvel that attracts millions of visitors every year. As the Opera is closed for now, you can enjoy the virtual tours, especially the performance of Romeo et Juliette every Sunday. Check the schedule of performances here and enjoy watching them at your home.


Photo credits: safariLIVE

If you are a safari fan than this tour is a MUST for you. Featuring exotic wildlife content from across the world, the SafariLive lets you get close to the animals without being actually close to them. You can interact with lions, hyenas, leopards, and many other wild beasts virtually.

All you have to do is, go to this link and watch as the wildlife specialist takes you through the wildest journeys you could never have imagined going.

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is located in Sydney Harbor, and is without a doubt the symbol of the city; The number 1 tourist attraction to see in Sydney.

The history of the Opera House is quite curious since the exterior was built in 1966, but it was not opened until 1973, because the cost of the building was considered excessive by the Government and the architect Jørn Utzon left Australia without finishing the interior. Watch the full tour of this iconic opera house here.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most beautiful treasures of Rome that is widely known for its stunning architecture. It is the place where the Popes are chosen and crowned. What catches the attention of visitors the most is the frescoes covering the walls and ceilings of the Chapel.

Visiting the Sistine Chapel is an unforgettable experience that you cannot miss at all. Enjoy your virtual tours of the Chapel here.

The National Museum of Natural History

Photo credits: Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is America’s one of the most famous landmarks located in Washington. The museum attracts millions of families due to its wide range of collections including fossils, an insect zoo, and the ocean life. There is also a butterfly pavilion inside the museum. Unfortunately, you cannot visit the museum anytime soon but hey, don’t be disappointed. Get together with your kids and enjoy virtual tours of the museum.


Volcanoes National Park

Big Island offers some of the most beautiful experiences from the world’s highest volcano, to the best diving in Hawaii.

Volcanoes National Park, as its name suggests, houses several volcanoes. And although many of them are currently inactive, there are two that are still active. Hawaii’s Big Island’s big draw is Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii’s only World Heritage Site.

The unstable highlight of the park is the Kilauea volcano, which continues to get angry and spit molten lava, ash, and steam. Check out the volcanoes park tours here.

The British Museum

Being one of the most important museums worldwide, it has more than 8 million pieces related t history, archeology, anthropology, ethnography, and art.

The amazing collection in the museum can be seen through virtual tours here. There will be a display of almost everything on the virtual tour. Some of the collections will take you back to thousands of years ago.

The Taj Mahal

If you have always wanted to travel to India then this is your time! Visiting the Taj Mahal has never been so easy and inexpensive. From here, you will have a view of the entire mausoleum.

Enjoy the virtual tour of this most iconic landmark of India that was made as a symbol of love by the Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife.

The Museum of Modern Art

Photo credits: MoMA PS1

The Museum of Modern Art is considered among the 15 most visited art museums in the world. It is to blame for works such as “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” by Picasso, “The Persistence of Memory” by Dalí or the famous “Campbell’s Soup Cans” By Warhol. The museum was opened in 1929 and its collection of modern art is among the most important in the world. Enjoy the tour of the museum here.

Deep Dives

Photo credits: NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Enjoy a series of virtual deep dive tours that will make you feel like you’re there inside the sea swimming along with a variety of exotic species. NOAA (National Marine Sanctuaries) lets you immerse yourself in the ocean through a 360-degree view where you can witness the unique animals, habitats and cultural resources. Enjoy a virtual deep dive here with your loved ones.


The Palace of Versailles served as a royal residence for several centuries and is located in the town of Versailles, a municipality located about 20 kilometers from Paris. The Palace of Versailles complex covers more than 800 hectares and has about 700 rooms.

There are many things to see inside the palace such as the magnificent bed chambers, Hall of Mirrors, Royal Opera House and Royal Gardens. Though you cannot visit the palace in person, you can visit it virtually here.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is America’s one of the most beautiful parks, and there is no doubt why. The park features unique colored rock formations that bend in the walls of the park’s valley.

The whole park is no less than a fairytale land especially at the time of sunset and sunrise. Check out the park’s virtual view here until you’re able to visit it by yourself next year hopefully.

Street Art Tours

Witness some of the most amazing and innovative street art you’ve ever seen in various cities across the world. For street art lovers around the world, Berlin, Paris, and Moscow are some of the tops of a must-see list of global street art venues, and you can see it all now through a virtual tour. Check out the collection of beautiful and artistic street art tours here.

Northern Lights

Who’d not wish to visit the gorgeous northern lights? If you have planned to witness them this year but not able to do so, don’t you sorry.

You can still enjoy a bone-chilling experience of northern lights by staying at your home. Check out nature’s most beautiful light show here at Churchill, Manitoba in Canada that is famous for its spectacular northern lights with the snowy landscape.

The Great Wall of China

Have you always wanted to walk the Great Wall of China, but haven’t had the chance? Well, this is your moment. And without the need to leave the room.

Thanks to the virtual visits, traveling the 4,800 kilometers of the longest wall in the world is now possible. Through this virtual visit, you will be able to visit all the spaces of this Great Wall that is over 2,000 years old.

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