15 Best Costa Rican Activities


Many individuals think of Costa Rica as their idea of paradise. The environment of Costa Rica is incredibly varied and gorgeous, from lush green rainforests to roaring waterfalls to white sand beaches.

The neighborhood is well-equipped to manage tourists, with several tour companies, cheap and decent hotels, and dependable public transit.

Costa Rica Welcomes Travelers. Despite being a renowned tourist destination, Costa Rica has preserved many aspects of Latin American culture. Nightclubs blast reggaeton, traditional food can be found cheaply, and people are friendly. You should have no problem making acquaintances among the backpackers and ex-pats.

You may surf, tan, walk, take yoga, learn about coffee, explore the rainforest, or get in touch with nature on a budget in Costa Rica. Moreover, you must be aware of the distinction between Tourists and Travelers.

15 Outstanding Activities in Costa Rica: What To Do While On Vacation In Costa Rica?

The below list of activities in Costa Rica will be helpful if you plan a vacation there. To ensure that your itinerary is suitable for the time of year in which you want to visit, please refer to our travel advice on the best time to visit the nation.

Here is a hand-picked selection of activities to partake in a while in Costa Rica; try one, try them all, or do them all in a single trip.

Try Rafting on Water

Costa Rica is a great place to do white water rafting due to the abundance of rivers in the area and the high humidity and rainforest setting.

It’s an exciting way to see the forest, but you should find out how challenging the rapids are before you go.

One of the best places to go river rafting in Costa Rica is on the Pacuare River, which is located close to the Caribbean coast. Another excellent location is the Ro Naranjo, close to the Pacific coast’s center.

Rafting on the Tenorio River is a popular activity in the Guanacaste area. Whitewater rafting spots around the Arenal Volcano are fantastic if you plan on spending more time inland.

The rapids on the rivers Toro, Balsa, and Sarapiqui are some of the best in the world for rafting.

Experience the Hot Springs and the Adrenal Volcano

The 5,000-foot Arenal Volcano is a highlight of every journey to Costa Rica. Visitors cannot climb Arenal Volcano, although they may hike to its various overlooks.

Extreme sports fans will adore Arenal Volcano’s zip-lining, horseback riding, and natural springs at the base of waterfalls. Geothermal hot springs are numerous and provide a great spot to relax.

Clouds often hide Arenal Volcano’s cone-shaped top in the afternoon.

See the Beauty in Rio Celeste and the Blue Lagoon

Rio Celeste is one of the few spots on Earth to enjoy blue waters with a mystical quality. It results from a chemical reaction triggered by the meeting of two rivers in Tenidores, the sulfur- and carbonate-rich Rio Buena Vista and the carbonate-rich Rio Quebrada Agria.

Hiking the short distance of 6 kilometers between the park’s entrance and Tenidores is an excellent opportunity to take in the park’s tropical environment and native species while admiring the park’s crystal clear turquoise waters. The Blue Lagoon, reached after a short hike, is a great spot to soak in the azure colors of the lagoon’s namesake.

Spend the Day at a Scenic Waterfall

Costa Rica’s tropical landscape and waterfalls are famous. It doesn’t matter where you stay since they’re everywhere. Close. Cloud Forests, La Fortuna, Bajos del Toro, and La Paz Waterfalls are must-sees in Costa Rica. Many less-famous waterfalls along the coasts.

Rio Celeste Waterfall and Llanes De Cortes Waterfall are located in Guanacaste. South toward the Pacific to see Bijagual and Tacori waterfalls. South Pacific swimmers love the double-tiered Nauyaca Waterfalls.

Visiting any of these waterfalls is a great way to spend a day, especially if the weather is pleasant and you want to swim. These areas are remote from civilization and have limited food and drink options.

Go on a Wild Ride through the Trees on a Zip Line

Costa Rica’s miles of Pacific and Caribbean coastline, rich greenery, and changing heights make it a great site to zip line. Imagine yourself safely riding an ATV over the forest.

Several of Costa Rica’s top zip-lining destinations are in the Cloud Forests. Arenal Reserve: Aerial Tram and Canopy Zip Line and Monteverde Sky Aerial Tram and Zip Line provide zip lines through the Arenal or Monteverde rainforests.

Other zip line alternatives in the region include the Diamante Eco Adventure Park in Guanacaste, the Jacó Canopy Zip Line Tour, and the Manuel Antonio Canopy Safari Zip Line Tour on the central Pacific coast.

Cruise the Coasts of the Pacific and the Caribbean

Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coastlines provide miles of sights and activities. Beachgoers will love the white and black sand beaches. Guanacaste’s beaches, particularly Tamarindo, are picture-perfect. Santa Teresa and Tortuga Island are situated on the Nicoya Peninsula.

The Caribbean has golden beaches, wildlife, and reefs. Manzanillo is known for its two kilometers of white sand. Playa Blanca and Playa Vargas are magnificent beaches in Cahuita National Park.

Try some Delicious Costa Rican Cuisine

Consuming traditional dishes from Costa Rica is a beautiful opportunity to gain insight into the country’s rich heritage and culture. Try local favorites like Gallo pinto in Costa Rica, a morning dish of rice, and black beans.

For supper, you can expect tasty options, including black bean soup (Sopa Negra) and Casado, a meal with rice and a variety of vegetables, meats, and fruits. Try a classic shot of guaro, a liquor created from sugar cane, and finish your meal with a serving of Arroz con Leche, a rice pudding typical to Costa Rica.

Invest Some Time in Beach Lounging

A country with so much coastline deserves at least a few beach days. Costa Rica’s beaches are great for relaxing. There are several postcard-worthy beaches where you may swim, surf, or relax. Costa Rica isn’t complete without beach time.

The Pacific coast has most of Costa Rica’s notable beaches. Punta Uva Beach and Manzanillo Beach are Caribbean standouts. Both are in the southern Caribbean and provide calm water for snorkeling or kayaking. In northern Guanacaste, Conchal Beach boasts lovely shells.

  • Flamingo Beach has pink sand.
  • Nicoya Peninsula, in Guanacaste, has San Juanillo Beach and Santa Teresa Beach.
  • Herradura Beach boasts horseshoe-shaped, turquoise water in the central Pacific.
  • Matapolo Beach and Linda Beach are uncrowded and underdeveloped central Pacific Coast beaches.
  • Finish your Costa Rica beach hopping in the south.
  • Uvita Beach is fashioned like a whale’s tail because of a sandbar.

Whether you visit one beach or all, you’ll be surprised by the tropical paradise where sand meets the sea.

Hike the Mystical Trails of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Explore this foggy 25,000-acre paradise cloaked in thick forests. Hundreds of bird species, dozens of animal species, and thousands of plant groups thrive in this cloud forest. Fly through the air on a zip-line or traverse the area on foot on the suspended footbridges. Santa Elena has supermarkets and banking services if you need to restock necessities before heading into the mountains.

Costa Rica has World-Class Coffee

A lot of the finest coffee in the world comes from Costa Rica. Because of the region’s ideal growing conditions, including its rich soil, reliable rainfall, and mild temperatures, the coffee beans grown there are among the best in the world.

There are two fantastic coffee trips you may do before heading north to the Monteverde Rainforest. You can learn much about coffee and maybe even score a bargain if you tour Don Juan’s Coffee Farm or Café de Monteverde.

Try the coffee and chocolate at Caribbeans Coffee and Chocolate, located close to the Pacific coast, or the Café Cedral Tour, close to the Caribbean coast. Coffee tours are also available in the coastal regions of Costa Rica. There is a chocolate-making demonstration and tasting as part of the last trip.

Visit the Shores of Tortuguero in Search of Turtles

This wildlife preserve is tucked away from the public, split between two volcanic beaches and a warm lagoon, and it seems like it might be in another universe compared to the rocky terrain of Costa Rica. Only accessible by boat or a domestic aircraft, this secluded spot is one of the top locations to visit in Costa Rica for its unique fauna and environment.

You may observe critically endangered turtles laying eggs in this paradise if you get to it by the Ro la Suerte. The Green sea turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Giant leatherback, and Loggerhead are the four species of endangered marine turtles that call this national park home.

Go on a Trip To Magnificent San Jose

San Jose, or Chepe, is Costa Rica’s artistic capital. The country’s largest metropolis has a neoclassical architecture that fans will love. Explore colonial houses in art galleries and boutique hotels. San Jose’s museums and art galleries provide fascinating art, culture, and history activities in Costa Rica. Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Teatro Nacional, Jade Museum, Barrio Amón.

San Jose attractions? Barrio Escalante has San Jose’s most fantastic artisan beer, cafés, and eateries. City escape? Spirogyra Butterfly Garden in San Jose has tropical vegetation and gorgeous butterflies.

Chocolate Tasting Tour

Chocolate has been a staple of Costa Rican culture for a long time. It is consumed as a beverage, dessert, and even as payment. It’s no secret that visiting a chocolate plantation is one of the most enjoyable things in Costa Rica. Enjoy a slice (or more if you like) while you explore a garden full of cacao trees and indulge in some delicious snacking. If you’re lucky, you can try your hand at chocolate-making.

Slinger in The Mud of Miravalles Volcano

In a rainforest setting, you may safely wander around the craters of Miravalles Volcano while smoke billows into the sky. Get used to the heat of the mud pots, which may reach temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius.

Allow the clay to set for 15–20 minutes for maximum cooling and skin benefits. Guests are encouraged to pack swimwear, hiking boots, sun protection, and binoculars.

Dive Into The Venado Caves

Bat colonies thrive in overhanging rocks as you explore caverns, caves, and incredible rock formations on this nighttime trip. Discover marine fossils and ancient seabeds with your exploration gear and feel like a real archaeologist doing it.


Wrapping Up

So, as you can see, visiting Costa Rica isn’t about lounging on beaches or enjoying picturesque walks. Any excursion you do in Costa Rica is sure to be a thrilling experience. Take pleasure in the country’s beautiful scenery and rich culture, and bring back fond memories of your time spent with locals and exciting adventures. So, no matter what kind of volunteer work you’re interested in, Costa Rica is packed with exciting possibilities!

Without the time to volunteer with Worldpackers, you may still enjoy an incredible trip to Costa Rica by following some of these suggestions. If you visit Costa Rica, you may go surfing, paddle boarding, white water rafting, and canyoneering; take a coffee tour; and explore the cities and towns, all of which will leave you feeling culturally enlightened and generally happy.

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